Procedures | Intake

After a referral has been made to the Center, both parties, residential and non-residential parents, must attend an intake meeting to apply for services. Each party is responsible for a non-refundable intake fee of $25, regardless of which party is responsible for visitation costs. Intake fees are due at the beginning of the intake meeting.

An appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with the Executive Director or designee. The Center requires that he or she provide the necessary information and complete applicable release forms. The Director will explain the rules, discuss safety, and answer any questions that the residential parent has during this meeting.

Once accepted as a participant, the Director will schedule a separate orientation with the non-residential parent and child(ren). During the child(ren)’s orientation, the Director and Custodial parent will familiarize the child(ren) with the Center, give a tour, and discuss what will happen during the visit. We make every attempt to answer the child(ren)’s questions and try to help the child(ren) feel comfortable at the Center.

The Center will provide each party with a schedule for the projected monthly visitation/exchanges. The schedule must be signed, dated, and returned to the Center staff prior to the commencement of visits.

The amount of time between referral and first visit will vary as the program is limited in the number of families that can be served at one time. Please note that, an intake meeting does not guarantee acceptance into the program.